My name is Maren, and I take photos.
I specialize in fine art and conceptual stock photography. My images have been published in international magazines and on book covers.
If you are interested in licensing my photos please contact me or my agencies. I am represented by Trevillion Images, Plainpicture and Arcangel Images.


MarenBecker_IMG_1960MarenBecker_IMG_0500MarenBecker_IMG_8638 MarenBecker_IMG_6319MarenBecker_IMG_2496-Edited-3 MarenBecker_IMG_4686MarenBecker_IMG_5619MarenBecker_IMG_5630MarenBecker_IMG_4787MarenBecker_IMG_8840Bowl with fresh PearsMarenBecker_IMG_0800MarenBecker_IMG_5731

For full portfolio please visit my agencies:
» Trevillion Images
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My photos on book covers around the world.

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